Everything Will Change by Fabrice Guerrier

Mon, Apr 20, 2020

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Washington, DC Hub, USA, Originally from Haiti

What shape am I in? I am speechless and sometimes I feel helpless. Sometimes I want to scream. Maybe I am just a shapeless dream. One that hopes and believes that people will come out of this thing kinder. More humbled. More resilient. More thoughtful. Maybe I am just a foolish idealist.

Foolish enough to believe that people will creatively seek a different future for mankind after this. And then create a different model that works for everyone and especially our biodiversity. One that writes a new vision, sings a new song and tells a new story.

What shape am I in? I can’t say. Days are turning into months. Moments into weeks. Time is folding unto itself. I am translucent.

I am disengaged with the news media. It fills my mind in disarray. Billions quarantined inside their homes. Millions have lost their jobs. A looming recession. Hundreds of thousands have perished. Black and brown folks who look like me that bears the same color of my skin are disproportionately dying.

Yet how do I explain this despairing yet stoic excitement. I feel it boiling deep in my gut. Is it the digital revolution of historical proportions that our societies are currently undergoing now? Is it my privilege that I still have a job and a home to live in? Or this excitement from the constant state of trauma we are in? That trauma forcing in me a continual state of survival and adrenaline?

We can’t escape to colonize Mars and we can’t go back to how things were. The cracks of this outdated software that is our society is breaking. It’s showing itself so clearly. Everything will change.